The BIG Launch of .......

Well, after months and months of work today sees the formal launch of my new and exciting membership website 

I am personally really excited to be part of this project which originally came about from a discussion with a good friend of mine Stephen who suggested utilising my fly fishing knowledge and skills to provide an online video fly fishing resource.
Of course being shy and quiet,  I initially said no way!! but with a little arm twisting and coercion he managed to get me in front of a camera and the rest is now history.
The most exciting aspect to me was when we did some market was clear that otherv than forums there was no responsive, client led fly fishing resource available and therefore the whole thrust and idea of flyfishingvideoguide was born ....a video & media membership resource that provides the answers to the questions our members ask? ...not what we think they want to know.
It sounds so simple but this changed the whole plan so now flyfishingvideoguide is a totally interactive and completely member led fly fishing resource. The future content is continually determined by our community of members so they get what they want and need and not what they are given.There are 3 different membership levels so I'm sure there will be one that suits you.

So this evening at 6.00pm GMT we go live !!!!    and to say I am a bit tense but at the same time really excited would be a huge understatement however sometimes in life you just have to give it a go and you know what??.....I just know it will work because of the way content is created and at the end of the day there is a no risk 100% money back guarantee included.
Check out my Facebook page for the launch details as it includes some video footage and also a great prize draw promotion. 

Should keep me occupied over Christmas and look forward to meeting you in the FFVG Community