I thought it would be useful to share a recent independent review received from Phil P of the Rexfly Casting System.

Well Stu, I managed to get out today with the Rexfly today on Elan Valley to chase some wild browns on the Claerwen Dam in Wales.

Well to be fair, this new bit of kit came into its own when I got used to it which did not take that long for me. Casting, a fly rod without a reel attached, may sound weird, but what a joy it is.

For someone that suffers from tennis elbow and a bad shoulder this Rexfly is a dream as you are only using the fly rod to cast with. Today I took my 7# weight to give the system a fair run for its money and to see if it's worth the money I paid for it?   Well it was, as it was a day's fishing without any problems. 

For this old body walking and casting the banks ….no trouble at all; the casting was a dream all day and this is the best piece of equipment I have bought in the last year having gained at least 6 yards on my cast.

As above I chose to have the chest pack just so I could just pop some small bits in as I fish on the move which is optional but a handy piece of kit plenty of pockets and places to hang your bits and bobs and very comfortable to wear and easy to put on.


The reason I got this was for river fishing because we all know when you’re nymphing all day your arm is aching after a full day of holding a rod with a reel on it well this is the way forward for a more enjoyable fishing experience so my conclusion is it worth the money ...I'll say good all round bit of kit 


For both lake and river fishing does not take too long to get used to the system even for me ...


Well my conclusion ……well worth the money especially for anglers that suffer with arm and shoulder problems and still want a full days fishing I am not saying this is the answer to your problems but it's mine as I had no problems today after a full day at it ..so it can't be all bad.... a full days fishing is so much better than no days fishing ...Phil (02.04.17)

Thanks for the feedback and your honest review and photos Phil...much appreciated. 

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