Another day today on the middle Tees and it was tough going. I was about to go home but decided to change locations at 2.00pm......good job too as I just caught the start of the hatch 2.20pm which kept going until 3.30.
5 grayling and 18 trout (up to 1.5lb) in just over an hour !!! doesn't get much better than that and made up for my 10.00 am - 2.00pm one fish
In spring time it's all about the hatch, the timing and being in the right place at the right time.
The fish are waiting for the hatch and if you can get it right they will be on the nymphs and wets for aproximately 30 -45 mins before the hatch gets underway.
Be careful, as any LDO (Large Dark Olive) or March Brown hatches can be over quickly so if you want the best of dry fly fishing make sure you're ready and don't miss it changing your set up.
More recently the hatches have been around midday so perhaps this bit cooler weather has put their clocks back?.
Next week I'm planning to be up the Tweed once the weather settles after this oncoming cold snap and forecast of snow !!.

Until then, some fly tying and admin' is required.