Guiding on Monday, a re-arranged day due to the very cold & slow early April we had. A month later and the forecast was not much better apart from a tad warmer but still snow, hail, wind, gale force gusts and rain interspersed with sunny spells the forecast was not great.
Skippy once told me (Stuart Crofts) that some of the days we think are not going to be great actually end up being some of the best days !! must be good old fashioned Yorkshire common sense.
Anyway arrived at the river set up and at 11.00am a few Olive Uprights started to hatch and a few fish started moving. All I can say is that in the next 7 hours I have never seen as many Olive Uprights in my life and the trout were keen. getting a drag free drift and any sort of presentation on a wind tightened leader is almost impossible but maybe one presentation out of 20 does the right thing.
We had squalls that were horrendous, hail stones that made us duck for cover then when it dropped to a nice easy Gale with a bit sunshine...up came the Olive Uprights again...FANTASTIC
Alan, who I was guiding had a great day...his company was fantastic especially so when you can imagine the frustration of guiding during a monster hatch and good trout are rising !!....he was patient and concentrated throughout.
The results were a great fishing day on a weather horrendous day.

A few pictures of the day featuring a happy Alan: