The 2015 Trout season got off to a great start on 15 March with this stunning beauty on the dry ...check out those orange fins

Managed another 5 on the wet nymph set up.. Next visit different river brought another 6 to hand but not a trout caught...all grayling!!. Hatches were "slight" but better than non existent and I had the feeling that the hatches are better some days than others but at least the fish were looking up. A few days Guiding,Coaching, Casting and CPD training last week and tomorrow a Group session Fathers and Sons day on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors featuring a lake & river session. really looking forward to it. An enforced change of plan due to weather means on Friday me and Elliott are gonna have a great day...I can feel it my bones.
The excitement is building as I like to keep some 'my time' back in April so a raid over the border is planned for Sunday - Monday in search of surface feeders of MB's & LDO's

Oh I nearly forgot I'm doing a presentation & talk to the really nice Guys of  Ashington Kingfishers tomorrow evening at the Fell Em Doon Club on  "Strategies for Success"...and there's a free buffet too !!.
I'll share a few snippets on here after the event

Can life get any better???