Currently finalising arrangements for another Grayling 'taster day' late November/early December on the River Tees courtesy of local angling clubs and in association with the Grayling Society (Area 11).
Already over 15 people have signed up to the event which will provide advice and tuition for those wanting to start or improve their skills when chasing the "ladies of the stream".
Last weekend we had a similar session with Durham Fly Fishers which was really succesful and brought about the idea of opening it up for wider participation.
Anyone interested get in touch via the contacts page or via Facebook

A few pics below......
Paul (Rusky) Firmin (GS Area Secretary) and yours truly discussing tactics ... and a roll up !!

A typical Tees Grayling.....

Even John & Martin from the Borders joined in ....and learned a bit too !!