These Easterly winds have been with us for over 3 weeks now and with temperatures just getting above zero and daily snow squalls it is a completely different season to our glorious 21 degree start last year!. We're now into April and there's still snow around !!

Large Dark Olives and Midge are coming off at lunchtime and a few out of season grayling are moving on our rivers East of the Pennines however the trout definitely have their heads down and the odd ones coming to the nymph are in need of some serious spring sustenance. West of the Pennines, its a similar story except the odd trout are willing to pop their nose out the water. Over the border on the Tweed, it's very quiet but I expect this to change over the next few days.

The weather forecast is for Westerly's from this weekend so that can only be good...warmer and I guess a lift in river levels with snow melt and rain!!....could be back end of next week before conditions are good and things really start to warm up to get the hatches going and the trout moving.
Up North we have  a saying...."never cast a clout till May is out"...which means never take off a layer of clothing until June!!!
Its not a surprise that the fishing has been a little challenging but despite the poor conditions everyone has had a few fish ...even on dries; although nymphs have definitely been the percentage line of attack.
Give the following pattern a try..The LDO Lifter it's been a great pattern the last two years and seems to be doing the business again in 2013....better still you can fish it blind with confidence when there's nothing rising and it will pull fish up ....
The LDO Lifter...

Hook: TMC 103bl 13/15/17;
Body Thread : Danvilles Yellow;
Tail/Shuck: Turralls Ginger Polywing;
Thorax: Dubbed Hares Ear;
Underwing: Para Post (Dun)
Overwing: Elk
Head: Hares Ear

Bring on some warmth and lets get up and at them..........