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Stuart Wardle Durham Fly Fishing Bio:

Stuart Wardle A fanatical fly fisherman and licensed coach who has been lucky to have fished with some great fishermen in many fantastic places around the world. The North of England and Scottish Borders are very special places and have some beautiful and fantastic waters to fly fish. I'm still learning the craft after more than 30years and I hope the flyfishing journey will never end. Fly Fishing Bio: 1967 first perch on a worm 1999 England International; 2002 CEFF Chairman 2006 Team England Rivers Manager; 2010 Commonwealth Team Silver Medal (Wales) 2011 Started The Durham Fly Fishing Company; 2012 Commonwealth Team Silver Medal (Tasmania); 2012 Appointed Head Coach to the Angling Trust/ADB Talent Pathway Programme; 2014 Commonwealth Team Silver Medal (England); 2014 Launch of Commonwealth Team Member Canada 2016

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A few of my Fly Fishing Advice Videos added.....

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, In : Tuition 
Check out three videos recently added to the Tips & Advice section of my site to help answer some common questions:

DFF Co Fly Fishing Tips & Advice Videos

They cover :
1. Fly Fishing for Grayling with Dry Fly;

2. Imitation v Representation in Fly Choice and Design;

3. Developing your Fly Fishing Approach ....Developing a Game Plan 

Hope you enjoy ....
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The Core Components of Fishing Success

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Saturday, October 11, 2014, In : Tuition 
A presentation I gave this week to the Members of Halifax Fly Fishers was on this very subject.

So what is success?  
What makes you happy?
Do you know what success looks and feels like for you?

Sometimes we anglers are continually in search fro the Holy Grail ...the best fly , the best leader,the best rod and reel and maybe perhaps the answer is already right there in front of you.

OK I know I'm being a bit philosophical but hey why not if it makes me happy? 

The presentation also includes some...
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Presentation – Success in low and clear rivers

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Tuesday, August 19, 2014, In : Tuition 

This week I have been guiding Kelvin. He has been out with me a good few times and I have to say his fly fishing has improved so much in a year that he is now a very decent fly fisher and able to catch a good few trout & grayling on the rivers.
With the river levels being so low and clear and very little hatching during the day I suggested he may wish to re-arrange however all credit to him, he wanted to use this as an opportunity to really develop his skills and tactics to handle such situat...

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Grayling Fishing North East - River Tees & Grayling Society "Taster Days

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Thursday, November 15, 2012, In : Tuition 

Currently finalising arrangements for another Grayling 'taster day' late November/early December on the River Tees courtesy of local angling clubs and in association with the Grayling Society (Area 11).
Already over 15 people have signed up to the event which will provide advice and tuition for those wanting to start or improve their skills when chasing the "ladies of the stream".
Last weekend we had a similar session with Durham Fly Fishers which was really succesful and brought about the ide...

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3 crackers for a first timer in North Yorkshire

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Wednesday, May 23, 2012, In : Tuition 
Kim is new to fly fishing and booked a day to go somewhere nice, learn how to cast a fly and hoefully catch a trout. 
Not a problem I breakfast in Bedale followed by a day on the Lake at West Tanfield on the sunniest day we have had for over 6 weeks.
Kim was really keen, great company and took to it like a duck to water.
A few fish were moving to emerging midge so we opted for dries/emergers ( DFFCo CDC emerger) and not long after had the first of Kims 3 trout coming to the net.

The ...
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