Catch & Release Best Practice:

Its been a dry season so far and a lot of our rivers are very very low. Add to the fact that temperatures are in the upper 20's with bright sunshine means that it's great for sunbathing and watching the World Cup with a cool one in the shade but not great for us fly fishers or for the trout & grayling either.
I thought it might be useful to share some handy Catch & Release advice just to remind ourselves and make sure we are all doing our best to look after our wonderful trout and grayling. It is just common sense but it doesn't hurt to remind ourselves.
This link takes you to a C&R document  useful for salmon fishers

While on the subject of weather, (a favourite subject here in the UK) I thought, why not pull together a few tips for fishing when the rivers are low, clear and the sun is beating down as it doesn't happen that often !! Ha Ha !!
Anyway you go....

Fishing Tips for Hot Weather:

  • when out fishing make sure you have plenty of sun protection and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration;
  • spend more time fishing in the late evening when the sun drops .... our rivers have been coming alive after 9.00pm and right into dusk;
  • fish the fast water .... and I mean the hardest, fastest and most oxygenated water. As water temperatures increase the fish search out oxygenated water more than anything else, it also provides excellent cover....  so get the weighted nymphs on and fish the fast hard water;
  • find the deeper channels and drop offs...the water is cooler and the fish feel safe in bright condiations
  • look for shade.... overhanging trees and canopy provide shade and are a great place for terrestrials to drop on to the water e.g. aphids, beetles and other small stuff so a good place for a trout to lie in the shade with a buffet included!!. ;
  • Beware of shadows..... try not to fish with the sun behind you as the shadows will have spooked the fish long before your fly lands 

If you need any help or advice on any fly fishing matter, feel free to get in touch as advice is always free 
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