Still suffering some jet lag after getting back home on Wedneday after 3 weeks in Tasmania.
A great result for the England Team gaining a silver commonwealth medal and a bronze individual for JT (John Tyzack).
The fishing was quite tough and in some sectors avoiding the blank was key....especially on Little Pine Lagoon which I drew as my last session !!. 10 minutes left and the line is pulled from my hand as a fish grabs the Kate McClaren on the's in the net and boy oh boy was I relieved...... they could hear the yelps of joy down the mountain !!
Australia were worthy winners and those Northern Ieland boys sure can fish and I bet those guys from Kiribati have some great experiences.

My memories of Tasmania are wonderful brown trout, big blue skies, snakes, platypus, echidna, and wallabies...we even saw a pair of Tasmanian devils one evening.... but primarily the Tasmanian people were fantastic and the fellowship and friendship amongst all the competitors was outstanding.
A few thank you's must be said.... Phil, Michael, Trevor, Terry, Craig, Bob, Tim, Mike and of course Mark Youngman & family who werer our hosts and who were a great help to the Team. 
Cheers Guys.

Finally to my Team mates.....Mel, Dave, JT, Andy & Bernie and our 'support staff'.... Fiona, Lynda, Janet & Alison... great Team effort and good angling guys.
I will certainly be going back to Tasmania, its a great place with great people.

Full results can be found at:

Some pictures to follow once I get them uploaded.