Blimey...this spring is taking some time to warm up and I'm sure it's because we were so spoilt last year with such a warm early start. In reality the insects never really get going until there are a few leaves on the hedgerows & trees and they are just now showing some greenery up in the frozen north !!.
I managed to squeeze just over an hour this Wednesday on a warm but very windy river in between some appointments with hotels, guest houses & one of my major tackle suppliers.
There was still evidence of snow on the hills and large dark clouds to the North but I remained in sunshine despite gale force southerly winds.

I expected to see a coloured river but was pleasantly surprised when I stopped en-route to check over a bridge (Why do all of us fishermen always stop or slow down and look over bridges?...looked a good level...with just a touch of colour but definitely worth an hour. Waders on rod set up with a 15' leader and Lifter (a dry fly - see earlier Blog for info' & tying details) and to the river.
Looking for Large Dark Olives & March Browns ..absolutely nothing so rolled up a smoke and sat down !!...within 5 minutes saw a LDO in the air...then another two and then some more. I hought I saw a disturbance in some fast water in the corner of my eye....cover it anyway...second pass and the gentlest of rises and Fish On !!.......nice fish too.....after a decent scrap the trout came to hand... a quick picture and released safely back in the river......
well over 50cm and I guess 2.5lb...ish  and I'm a happy chap.

Decided to cover some likely water and in the next 10 minutes two more over the 1.5lb mark and a fish I guess to be 2lb hooked momentarily and off. I spent another 40 minutes walking, looking for risers & casting to likely holding areas and apart from a few grayling nothing else stirred despite a few decent flushes of LDO' this time the wind had picked up into a full gale blowing across river into my face and I guess the sunshine and wind meant the LDO's were not sticking to the surface and getting in the air really quick. Casting was a bit of a pain too but now and again the wind just eased for a second or two and I could present the dry. By this time the cloud had cleared and the sun was shining bright sunny conditions and a river carrying some snow melt ..I can't really complain.

Went back to the spot I caught the last good fish a couple of weeks ago and took a picture of where it was lying............ tight to the bank under the right hand branch...had to cast into the gap without snagging and drift under the branch I can't do it in a months time when the leaves are on ?? Felt really pleased with myself to get that one....he definitely felt safe in there....!!!! 

It only goes to illustrate that a bit of perseverence and being in the right place at the right time and action can be had.

By the way, made my last appointment of the day 40 minutes early even having squeezed in 1.5 hrs fishing.... Delighted