Fishing is all about learning and now that I'm out and about travelling and fishing  here and there I continue to learn.
One of the biggest  issues for me this year was sleeping over in the Jeep.

My mate JT tells a good story of kipping in the car which may ring a few bells with those that have tried !!**!!!.

I'm a bit more up market (probably age related neccessity really) and my Jeep is kitted out as a great overnighter however a few things have been improved to achieve a comfortable overnight troutbum lifestyle.
  1. The very best sleeping bag you can can't be too warm so an ex army winter bag does a great job..... you honestly can't be too warm;
  2. self inflating mattresses are useless !!!
  3. a good cushion/pillow;
  4. a portable loo arrangement.... you will quickly discover this for yourself;
  5. an expedition multi-fuel cooker that boils a kettle quickly....ask John & Gibby about my old cooker....20 mins and luke warm tea!!!!
  6. Pot Noodles.....Beef & Tomato with added chilli flakes .....say no more
  7. and a new christmas present for next year ..... a bargain fishing bed chair I found at to raise me off the floor and to sleep outdoors on those warm summer nights we might get next year????......

It's a tough old life but comfort is a definite priority........ and I'm alaready getting excited about planned fly fishing adventures in 2013...with COMFORT   ;-)