As you all know "The Lifter" is a favorite of mine and many clients go to dry pattern for searching the water and covering rising fish. However there are many times when the fish get locked onto small uprights.
A key trigger is often the wing appearing in the trouts window ( Check out Vince Marinaro  "The Ring of the Rise" which has been a major influence on my dry fly fishing )

So here we have it..  "Perfect Olive" or "Stuie's Olive"   even though my good pal Charles Jardine did credit it to another good fishing pal Stuart Crofts its definitely mine !!  Ha Ha..
I have been tying and using this fly for 20 years to great effect and it really does stand the test of time. It' is simple and quick to tie (like most great flies) and follows the trout's hierarchical selection criteria I use when choosing and matching the hatch:
  1. Size
  2. Shape /Profile (inc weight for nymphs)
  3. Colour
Stuie's Perfect Olive


Thanks to Sean Cutting for the above image which was published in his "tried and trusted patterns" series