Some days are just better than others,they may not start that way but end up being better than anticipated.
yesterday was just one of those days. The rivers and the fishing have been typically spring like... not quite on form?
So with the weather taking a turn for the better, the dreadful sea fret/fog and easterlies deciding to bugger off for a change.
I was out and about early on the river trying a few bits I have not fished for a good few years.
Yes a bit of a higher risk strategy however if you don't take a risk now and again you end up doing the same same old. 
Two hours later not a sign of a fish or an Olive !!!. Should I stick with it?. Well, I did and managed two crackers during a brief hatch of March Browns. One rose not 3 feet away from me and with an overshoot and draw back of a cast landed the fly 4 feet away in a slack bit of water and up he came...a lovely fish just under 21 inches in old money. I stuck at it searching the surface for activity but nothing. Headed the long walk back to the Jeep and at 2.15pm  decided to drop off at a spot I fished the day before which had not produced. Thinking you never know ???.
Being all tackled up, its easy lock the Jeep and away and I was in position 10 minutes later when a a flurry of March Browns started and fish were moving and up and at them !!**!! .
Some of them were in heavy water so cast into the area ...and up he came  I didn't even see my fly but naturally lifted the rod just in case and he was on and away downstream screaming line. and another  worked up a side stream 4 more.... fished the dry blind and caught another 3 and ended up with 9 and a grand total of 11 and finished at 3.30. That wasn;t it.
When I got home my new Peux fly reel had been delivered...
Whoo hoo  it was like Christmas the excitement of opening the parcel and playing with the engineered perfection....bloody marvellous.    so all in all a good day.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring ??

Two from yesterday

My new Peux reel

Peux reels are at

oh nearly forgot....... the fly that did the business...again......
"The Lifter"