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Stuart Wardle Durham Fly Fishing Bio:

Stuart Wardle A fanatical fly fisherman and licensed coach who has been lucky to have fished with some great fishermen in many fantastic places around the world. The North of England and Scottish Borders are very special places and have some beautiful and fantastic waters to fly fish. I'm still learning the craft after more than 30years and I hope the flyfishing journey will never end. Fly Fishing Bio: 1967 first perch on a worm 1999 England International; 2002 CEFF Chairman 2006 Team England Rivers Manager; 2010 Commonwealth Team Silver Medal (Wales) 2011 Started The Durham Fly Fishing Company; 2012 Commonwealth Team Silver Medal (Tasmania); 2012 Appointed Head Coach to the Angling Trust/ADB Talent Pathway Programme; 2014 Commonwealth Team Silver Medal (England); 2014 Launch of Commonwealth Team Member Canada 2016

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Merry Christmas

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Wednesday, December 20, 2017, In : Ad hoc 
Seasons Greetings to all DFF Co. Fly Fishing Friends

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What makes a Great Fly Fishing Guide?' s all about the Client

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Sunday, December 10, 2017, In : Ad hoc 
Yeah,.... I've won some awards over the years.... 
Yeah Yeah.....  I'm experienced and have fly fished  in many places around the world ....
and Yeah  Yeah Yeah  I'm a qualified Coach, insured etc etc BUT what makes a Great Fly Fishing Guide ???

Well its not for me to say so I'll just leave it to my Clients and what they say makes a "Great Guide"... I think the smiles says it all

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It's more about you than me....

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, In : News 
Thank you so much for the nomination which resulted in The Durham Fly Fishing Company winning the LTG 2018 European Award for Service Excellence for the second year running. To make things even better I also found out this month that DFFCo. has won the 2018 Travel & Hospitality Award for Service Excellence.
As a client, you will always be my principal focus when arranging lessons, coaching, guided days or trips in the UK & other destinations. Seeking feedback is really important so I can revie...
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The Future - Developing Youth Fly Fishing- England Talent Pathway

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, In : AT Coaching & Talent Pathway 

Its something I'm really passionate about and something that I really enjoy, helping people but especially the Youth get into fly fishing. As a qualified Angling Coach, being able to share my International experience while working as Head Talent Coach with the Angling Trust over the past 6 years has been tremendous in so many ways. Introducing Youth to competitive fly fishing through a proper coaching programme has resulted in well over 30 International Caps through the Talent Pathway.

Last ye...

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Health Benefits of Fly Fishing....Nurture your mind & body when flinging flies

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Friday, September 22, 2017, In : Fishing 

Thanks to Jon from Outdoor Empire for allowing me to share the following link.

Not that we need another reason to go fishing as we already have thousands however there is an important one that few anglers ever consider:  FlyFishing – is great for your health.

Anytime you spend time outdoors in the natural world, you’ll enjoy the restorative and stress-relieving benefits nature provides, but fishing provides a number of other benefits that you won’t get by just going for a picnic or bird...

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New Affiliation for The Durham Fly Fishing Company with Wilderness Now

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Thursday, June 1, 2017, In : Fishing 

Charles Mountier (above) the founder of Wilderness Now is fanatical about adventure in the UK and wants to help you get out there.

Wilderness Now and their team, which includes The Durham Fly Fishing Company, are working with the best UK guides offering unique, personal and authentic adventures for you to discover. 

Their community of adventure seekers include city professionals, families, sporty couples and those seeking to discover the outdoors for the first time. 


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A belter of a fly..."Stuie's Perfect Olive" a bit on fly design ...and the trouts window

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, In : Flies and Tackle 
As you all know "The Lifter" is a favorite of mine and many clients go to dry pattern for searching the water and covering rising fish. However there are many times when the fish get locked onto small uprights.
A key trigger is often the wing appearing in the trouts window ( Check out Vince Marinaro  "The Ring of the Rise" which has been a major influence on my dry fly fishing )

So here we have it..  "Perfect Olive" or "Stuie's Olive"   even though my good pal Charles Jardine did credit it...
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Fly Fishing the Upper Tees .... a new Partnership

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Sunday, May 14, 2017, In : News 
The Durham Fly Fishing Company are delighted to announce a new partnership with The High Force Hotel in Upper Teesdale, County Durham to provide a comprehensive range of Fly Fishing and Tenkara packages for anyone interested in fishing the fantastic Upper Tees in County Durham.

Since Jan & Kevin took over the hotel last year they have completely renovated and refurbished the hotel .. the rooms, the bar, the kitchen... in fact everything to make this a wonderful venue for a fly fishing break o...
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A few of my Fly Fishing Advice Videos added.....

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, In : Tuition 
Check out three videos recently added to the Tips & Advice section of my site to help answer some common questions:

DFF Co Fly Fishing Tips & Advice Videos

They cover :
1. Fly Fishing for Grayling with Dry Fly;

2. Imitation v Representation in Fly Choice and Design;

3. Developing your Fly Fishing Approach ....Developing a Game Plan 

Hope you enjoy ....
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Rexfly Casting System - Review by Phil P

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, In : Product news 
I thought it would be useful to share a recent independent review received from Phil P of the Rexfly Casting System.

Well Stu, I managed to get out today with the Rexfly today on Elan Valley to chase some wild browns on the Claerwen Dam in Wales.

Well to be fair, this new bit of kit came into its own when I got used to it which did not take that long for me. Casting, a fly rod without a reel attached, may sound weird, but what a joy it is.

For someone that suffers from tennis elbow and a bad s...

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The Durham Fly Fishing Company at London Fly Fishing Fair 10 & 11 March 2017

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Thursday, February 23, 2017, In : News 

I'm excited to take a stand at the forthcoming London Fly Fishing Fair so I can showcase the wonderful rivers and lakes in the North of England and some of the other guided destination fly fishing trips I host.

Please pop by and say never know I might just be able to provide that perfect fly fishing break experience you have been looking for. 
I will also be using the event to showcase The Durham Fly Fishing Company recently winning the Luxury Tourist Guide 2017 European Award for S...
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**STOP PRESS** NEWS....Rexfly Casting System at BFFI - Stafford 11 & 12 February 2017

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Sunday, February 5, 2017, In : Product news 
Rex Huang is flying over from the USA to join DFF Co as the UK distributor for REXFLY products at this years BFFI at Stafford  
Here's your chance to talk to the inventor and manufacturer of Rexfly himself and give the system a try.

Rex Huang demoing the Rexfly Casting System

Check out my Rexfly Casting System page to see the whole range of products as well as a video showing the system in more detail.
I will of course have plenty of stock of RM Miracle Float and Stroft to fulfill...
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NEW Exclusive Fly Fishing and Montenegro ...Exciting times for The Durham Fly Fishing Company

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Thursday, June 23, 2016, In : News 
On Monday I had final discussions on establishing a new exclusive partner arrangement with a fantastic top 5***** Hotel in the Region which I'm really excited about. Final proposal and marketing info' has gone to their marketing department for approval for their brochures ..but obviously I can't say a lot until formally signed off :-) looking good though.... In 12 days I will be flying out to Montenegro for a little bit of video, photography and meetings with Aristokrata however I envisag...

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A Cold Start....a naughty niggle ...a touch of Philosophy and its always my Choice

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Sunday, April 3, 2016, In : Ad hoc 
Last Friday was as cold a spring day as I can remember on the River Eden.
I was sharing my day out with Freddie who just started fly fishing this spring and is always eager to get on the river. He was set up with spiders and nymphs  and already fishing within minutes of arriving....and as he says its just great to be out on the river.
An easterly gusty wind with a bit of Northern wetness thrown in  blowing over the snow capped Pennines accentuated the already nithered feel. I had  previously d...

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Posted by Stuart Wardle on Thursday, December 3, 2015, In : Product news 
Check out these great Winter Christmas Special time 

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PRESENTATION: Success in low and clear rivers

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Sunday, May 24, 2015, In : Guiding 

This is a story about a real guiding day with a regular client Kelvin.
He had been out with me a good few times and I have to say his fly fishing has improved so much in a year that he is now a very decent fly fisher and able to catch a good few trout & grayling on the rivers. With the river levels being so low and clear and very little hatching during the day I suggested he may wish to re-arrange however all credit to him, he wanted to use this as an opportunity to really develop his skills ...

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Great start ... now ready for March Browns and LDO's and a buffet in Ashington !!

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Wednesday, April 1, 2015, In : Ad hoc 
The 2015 Trout season got off to a great start on 15 March with this stunning beauty on the dry ...check out those orange fins

Managed another 5 on the wet nymph set up.. Next visit different river brought another 6 to hand but not a trout caught...all grayling!!. Hatches were "slight" but better than non existent and I had the feeling that the hatches are better some days than others but at least the fish were looking up. A few days Guiding,Coaching, Casting and CPD training last week and tom...
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Posted by Stuart Wardle on Friday, December 19, 2014, In : News 
The BIG Launch of .......

Well, after months and months of work today sees the formal launch of my new and exciting membership website 

I am personally really excited to be part of this project which originally came about from a discussion with a good friend of mine Stephen who suggested utilising my fly fishing knowledge and skills to provide an online video fly fishing resource.
Of course being shy and quiet,  I initially said no way!! but with a little arm twistin...
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Presentation – Success in low and clear rivers

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Tuesday, August 19, 2014, In : Tuition 

This week I have been guiding Kelvin. He has been out with me a good few times and I have to say his fly fishing has improved so much in a year that he is now a very decent fly fisher and able to catch a good few trout & grayling on the rivers.
With the river levels being so low and clear and very little hatching during the day I suggested he may wish to re-arrange however all credit to him, he wanted to use this as an opportunity to really develop his skills and tactics to handle such situat...

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Commonwealth 2014 Video & Brochure Launch

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Sunday, July 13, 2014, In : News 
If you get a chance check out the video complied by Wilderness TV and Snowbee UK of the 2014 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships in Devon England.
You can check me out at 8.44 and 43.50 via my front page or at

Why not download a copy of my new brochure which includes a free Handy River Hatch Chart ...DFF CO Brochure

Testing out my new outdoor Banner

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....a good day

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Sunday, April 6, 2014, In : Ad hoc 
Some days are just better than others,they may not start that way but end up being better than anticipated.
yesterday was just one of those days. The rivers and the fishing have been typically spring like... not quite on form?
So with the weather taking a turn for the better, the dreadful sea fret/fog and easterlies deciding to bugger off for a change.
I was out and about early on the river trying a few bits I have not fished for a good few years.
Yes a bit of a higher risk strategy however if y...
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In the footsteps of Walbran

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Tuesday, March 18, 2014, In : Fishing 

On 12 March I had the chance to fish the beautiful West Tanfield Club waters on the Ure as part of a grayling brood stock programme. To say I was honoured is an understatement as it's a piece of water that has so much history but is also one ...of those "dead mans shoes" sections of river.
To be able to fish in Walbran's footsteps was an absolute privilege and also to get a few of his beloved grayling was a bonus.
More info on Max Walbran and a brief glimpse...
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The must have fly ....... "The Lifter"

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, In : Flies and Tackle 
The Mk1 Lifter Dressing:
Hook: TMC 103bl 13/15/17;

Body Thread : Danvilles 6-0 Yellow;
Tail/Shuck: Turralls Ginger Polywing;
Thorax: Dubbed Hares Ear;
Underwing: Para Post Yarn (Dun)
Overwing: Elk
Head: Dubbed Hares Ear

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Scotland Road Trip 2013

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Thursday, September 26, 2013, In : Fishing 
It started last Monday evening meeting John & Mick at Earlston and a couple of pre trip beers in The Bull before our start on Tuesday morning.
These trips are not really planned  just an idea of a direction to head in and a few options and then see where we end up. John offered to do the driving so that was a result and early Tuesday morning we're off to the Clyde near Abington for day one.
Our final itinerary:
  • Clyde (Abington/Crawford)
  • Pitlochry (overnight)
  • Spey (Kingussie)
  • Aviemore (overnight)
  • Don...

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Upper Tees 17 May 2013

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Monday, May 20, 2013, In : Guiding 
Guiding with Derick on the Upper Tees
Derick said: "What a great day, everything was perfect from the Bacon Sarnies to the pint of Rivet Catcher at the Langdon Hotel at the end of the day. Knowledge and expertise second to none, banter brilliant, companionship superb not much more to say really other than Cheers Mate"

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Horrendeous weather however...........

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Wednesday, May 15, 2013, In : Fishing 
Guiding on Monday, a re-arranged day due to the very cold & slow early April we had. A month later and the forecast was not much better apart from a tad warmer but still snow, hail, wind, gale force gusts and rain interspersed with sunny spells the forecast was not great.
Skippy once told me (Stuart Crofts) that some of the days we think are not going to be great actually end up being some of the best days !! must be good old fashioned Yorkshire common sense.
Anyway arrived at the r...
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Need some Fly Fishing Tackle or Gear ???

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, In : Flies and Tackle 
As the new 2013 season kicks off remember If you require any tackle, equipment or fly tying materials or just simply want some impartial advice, please get in touch and let DFF Co help by sourcing the best available and at extremely competitive prices.

Because we are not ...tied to any supplier, we have access to a huge range of fly fishing & fly tying gear, let the DFF Co take the hassle out of searching for what you need. Just get in touch and see what we can do to help.
Remember advice is ...

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Weather meets British Columbia !!

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Wednesday, February 27, 2013, In : Guiding 

Last Saturday I was guiding Calvin on the Swale and to say it was a bit cold was an understatement.
Calvin was over from British Columbia visiting family in the area and got in touch at short notice as he fancied a few hours on a Northern spate river chasing grayling. Job sorted....wished I could have sorted the weather though !!....well I guess it was almost home from home!!! and even a nice big smile too.



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The futures looking bright....the future is The Durham Fly Fishing Company....Roll on the 2013 Season...looks like it will be a good one

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, In : News 

If January and the first week of February is an indication of orders and bookings for the 2013 season...things are looking very bright here at The Durham Fly Fishing Company especially when you can feel that spring is just around the corner.
All guiding and tuition rates have once again been held at 2011 prices which means even better value for all my clients...past present & future.
A taster of new services for 2013...
  • Wilderness Fly Fishing adventure weekends on river/lake/loch in wild and...

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A comfortable troutbum lifestyle....

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Tuesday, December 11, 2012, In : Ad hoc 
Fishing is all about learning and now that I'm out and about travelling and fishing  here and there I continue to learn.
One of the biggest  issues for me this year was sleeping over in the Jeep.

My mate JT tells a good story of kipping in the car which may ring a few bells with those that have tried !!**!!!.

I'm a bit more up market (probably age related neccessity really) and my Jeep is kitted out as a great overnighter however a few things have been improved to achieve a comfortable overnigh...
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Fly Fishing Christmas Gifts....

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Sunday, December 9, 2012, In : Product news 
Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift for the fly fisher in your life or even for yourself ??

I have a number of the following items from Smith Creek (New Zealand) which are fantastic quality, unique and I will guarantee your mates will want one too......

Free Your Hands with the

Rod Clip...only £19.99 plus postage

Protect the environment and safely store your waste leader etc with theFish Trash....only £9.99 plus postage

That new semi auto reel you always fancied.... try the

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UK Grayling Fishing...some pics from the recent Tees Taster Day

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Sunday, December 9, 2012, In : Fishing 

A few pictures from last Saturday's Grayling taster day on the Tees.
Have a look at my Facebook page for the update and comments:
Feedback has been tremendous and already have plans for some more taster days

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Grayling Fishing North East - River Tees & Grayling Society "Taster Days

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Thursday, November 15, 2012, In : Tuition 

Currently finalising arrangements for another Grayling 'taster day' late November/early December on the River Tees courtesy of local angling clubs and in association with the Grayling Society (Area 11).
Already over 15 people have signed up to the event which will provide advice and tuition for those wanting to start or improve their skills when chasing the "ladies of the stream".
Last weekend we had a similar session with Durham Fly Fishers which was really succesful and brought about the ide...

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Stealth Top Tips, Fishing Mantra, Camouflage & AQUA Pro Staff

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, In : Fishing 
I've recently  been appointed as a Pro Staff member of the USA  AQUA Design Team.
For those who have seen me in my camouflage shirts and wondered where you can get them follow the above link. The quality of the AQUA range of gear is superb and I'm positive that anything you can do to help disguise yourself and not spook fish has to be a definite advantage.

Spot me with this years Commonwealth Fly Fishing Team in Tasmania (with Dave Grove, John Tyzack, Andy Gooding, Phil Lebski & Bernie Maher)

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Mmmmmm.... Sight Fishing for Chalkstream Grayling

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Monday, October 8, 2012, In : Fishing 

For a number of years now I have been so lucky to receive an invitation to fish with some great friends on some superb private chalkstreams on the Wiltshire Avon & Wylye.
Last Friday saw me travelling South to meet up for a meal, a few 'pre-fishing' drinks at the Hotel for a good old catch up before our 2 days fishing.
The opportunity to sight fish for grayling in clear streams is one that I look forward to each year as it really helps to increase my understanding of  the behaviour and reaction...

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Tiemco Hooks .......when only the best is good enough

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Tuesday, October 2, 2012, In : Product news 
With the grayling season upon us it's time to get stocked up with the hooks you need.
New stock just arrived and you know it's not worth cutting corners when it comes to hooks only the best will do.....
New stock of Tiemco hooks just in:
       Dries - TMC 103BL #13, 15, 17, 19, 21;
       Micros - TMC 2488/2487 # 20/22;
       Emergers/Parachutes - TMC 212Y #15, 17, 19;
       Jigs - TMC 403BLJ #12, 14, 16

get in touch for best price....because remember ...... "we aim to exceed your expectations" ...
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New Info' & Technical Resource

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Monday, September 17, 2012, In : News 
We now have a new Info &Technical Resource page on the site which will be added to over time.
To kick things off there is:
 -  'X' Rating Tippet and Leader Selection Table (primarily for Stroft but can be used for other brands too);
 -  River brown trout length to weight ratio table to help identify the weight of that trout you returned after C&R;
-   Introduction to Tenkara article which includes a useful Tenkara leader /line size guide.

Go to Information & Technical Resouce

Hope you like it.........
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Posted by Stuart Wardle on Monday, September 10, 2012, In : Product news 
In a new partnership with Esoteric Tackle, the Durham Fly Fishing Company now provides Tenkara tuition, guiding and can supply all the gear required as part of the whole range of services on offer.
A good fishing friend and possibly the best exponent of tenkara in the UK, Dave Southall,  introduced me to it a couple of years ago. This year we had a great day out giving it a go on one of our upper northern rivers, and I have to say Tenkara beat the traditional fly rod and line by aproximately ...
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Double D?? of course it's the Derbyshire Derwent

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Tuesday, July 31, 2012, In : Fishing 
Last Friday I was fortuntate enough to be invited to coach and fish on the beautiful Derbyshire Derwent below Rowsley.
Despite high & slightly coloured water, hardly a fish showing and very little hatching we managed a respectable number of fish to the nymph and blind dries.
Both Gordon & John are now busy developing their newly learned nymphing methods and I'm looking forward to our future fishing exploits and search for local pasties !!.
At least one photo came out OK....

A derbyshire derwent...
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Nice one John...on a tough day too

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Friday, July 6, 2012, In : Guiding 

A beauty wild brown trout just over the pound caught by John on the dries on what was a tough day this week. 
15 minutes after this picture was taken the water came up brown and muddy...and we definitely weren't on the Mississippi !!
Hopefully this rain will ease soon and we can get back on the rivers.
In the meantime, fly & tackle orders and ventures to lakes and stillwaters are keeping us busy.


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Nice one Alex

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Thursday, June 14, 2012, In : Guiding 
On Tuesday, Alex & David came to the Durham Fly Fishing Company to learn how to cast and try fly fishing for the first time.
 Well it didn't take long before she was casting a decent line roll casting like an expert and then presenting a dry fly on the edge of the ripple.
Well 3 fish on and two landed ......pretty good for a first time with a fly rod.

That smile says it all....

Nice one David...its in the net....                                        

Whoo Hoo......
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Well Done !! Angling Trust Talent Pathway RESULT for Northern Pilot Scheme

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Thursday, June 14, 2012, In : AT Coaching & Talent Pathway 
A big congratulations to Thomas Adamson (in the middle with the envelope) for getting a place in next years England Youth International Team at the Youth National last week at Pitsford.
Also a big well done to the other lads in this years Talent Pathway for doing the North proud ...I have high expectations for these young lads going forward and they are all a credit to fly fishing.

In March I was appointed by the Angling Trust to be a Head Coach for the Northern Region (North East, North West, ...
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A couple of beauties !!

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Friday, May 11, 2012, In : Fishing 

I managed to keep hold of a couple of fantastic brown trout this week ...a 54 cm and a 58cm which fought like tigers. Lost a few others as well !!......need this rain to stop and then back on my travels.

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DFF Co. Shop goes live

Posted by Stuart Wardle on Thursday, November 3, 2011, In : Product news 
The Durham Fly Fishing Company online shop goes live today.
Why not have a look and feel free to order by phone, email or via paypal online.
We currently provide a select range of flyfishing essentials that over the years have proven themselves and are a keypart of my fishing gear:  
  • Stroft GTM & ABR
  • Leaders and Indicators
  • Flies and Fly selections
  • Specialist hooks

More products will be added as the business progresses.

I am also providing a special discount for the first 50 customer...

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